Zfine is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of evaporative cooling air cooler, industrial air cooler, ventilation pipes and accessories,
and other enterprises to provide mechanical and electrical equipment installation services

10 years industry experience

· Specializes in the development, design, sales, installation and
· maintenance of air cooler and ventilation equipment and   Engineering
· China has passed the national compulsory product   certification

Strong product strength strict quality control

· The use of "Feng Feng" environmental protection - energy saving, low   carbon, environmental protection
· Super purification system, more environmentally friendly, healthy, clean,   fresh air Humanized design, easy to operate, more robust, durable,   stable and   safe

Experienced design and installation team

· More than 10 years of rich experience in the design,   constructionteam, to build costs Low maintenance fee cooling   solutions, effectively control the quality of the program
· Cooling cases in various industries, free of charge to provide   visitors with cooling effect
Zhuji Zhejiang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery and a developed economy, beautiful Xishiguli - Zhuji City, located west of Zhuji Development Zone, near highway 03 hang gold, Zhuji high speed rail station, Hangjinqu exit, traffic is convenient!
Zhejiang electromechanical company formerly known as Zhuji city Kors machinery factory, after ten years of development and innovation, Zhuji three Yu Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. under the company, Zhuji Yangzi Kemei Electrical Co. Ltd, Zhuji Di que good Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Zhuji Network Technology Co. turntable.
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zfine Air cooler is widely used in Internet cafes, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, living room, clothing factory, injection molding factory,
electronics factory, metal factory and a variety of industrial plant ventilation cooling!